Qualifying technical cadres in the governorates

Qualifying technical cadres in the governorates
  • 2022-04-12


Within the framework of the technical work done by the Central Administration of Computer and Information Systems (CACIT, here forth) at the Real Estate Taxation Authority (RTA), to implement the Authority’s plan to develop the real estate tax system and to take serious steps towards completing the automation of real estate tax offices in Egypt's governorates, as believing that the development system is based primarily on raising, developing and qualifying the technical efficiency of human cadres to carry out the required technical works at tax offices and computer branches in the governorates. CACIT has implemented a training program at the administration’s headquarters in Zaytoon, Cairo, entitled “Qualifying technical cadres in the governorates of the Republic”. The program has been attended by all the technical cadres working in RT offices nationwide. The training program included the required technical 'job training' in computer branches and real estate tax offices in all governorates of the Republic (27 governorates). The program includes the following activities:
• Preparing the servers and installing Windows.
• Installing Oracle 11g,
• Installing screens of Register 32 RT data availability, and
• Installing screens for data entry and availability.
At the end of the training program, Mr. Ayman Mounir, Head of CACIT, handed over to the trainees certificates of passing the training program.