RTA’s Main Tasks

RTA concerns with the following :

- Carrying out the process of surveying, assessing and collecting the tax imposed on the agricultural lands and buildings and all other additional taxes and fees .
- Collecting the tax imposed on amusement centers and the related fees in all governorates except Cairo and Alexandria .
- Assessing and collecting the rents of the governmental agricultural lands in addition to their prices when they are sold in installment .
- Carrying out the survey works, determining for the individuals the costs of the agricultural lands and buildings and any changes may happen to them .
- Defining and surveying the governmental agricultural lands being cultivated in secrecy and collecting fee in return of utilization .
- Contributing in agricultural and cooperative marketing works as well as discounting the dues from the prices of cooperatively sold crops .
- Collecting the dues and the liabilities of some governmental authorities and other bodies such as :

* Costs of establishing and paving the roads, picking the cotton worm, and fees of irrigation, wheels' cleansing and monuments maintenance .
* Collecting the tax of agricultural use of garden crops .
* Collecting the fee of the stamp on receipts of buildings' rent payment .
* Collecting the fees of real estate register on agricultural land and buildings .
* Collection the fee of social security on all agricultural land owners .

- Supervising Public Archiving House (PAH hereafter) that concerns with keeping and arranging the registers, records and documents of all ministries and governmental bodies as well as handing over formal records and data required by these ministries, bodies and individuals as they are .
- Issuing the formal records regarding the real-estate ownership as they are from el-Mokalafat registers and giving formal documents of all types for those who require them as well as giving copies of birth and death certificates .
- Microfilming all folders, Mokalafat and documents at PAH as well as folders and documents of the other bodies and ministries that they ask for this .
- Helping some Ministries and bodies in carrying out their main tasks such as Ministries of Interior, Agricultural, Health and Agricultural Land Reclamation Authority and State Properties ... etc. by issuing lists and preparing statistics that the previously mentioned bodies demand .
- Preparing a generation of collectors and tellers at CTIs affiliated to RTA nationwide to meet the needs of collecting the taxes at the localities and to provide the bodies such as banks with these specializations .
- Collecting other types of money that RTA's tellers must accept at their work places without having a hand in collecting them such as the fees of ID validation, legislative and civil courts, birth and death certificates, agricultural land records, carrying weapons and car licenses … etc .