About the Institute

School of Collectors and Tellers was established as per law 449 1953. First, it was located at the building of Al-Zaher Secondary School, in Al-Zaher district. Then, it was moved to Amin Samy Prep. school for girls, Al-Mounira district. Later on, it was moved to three other schools successively: Mostafa Kamel Prep. school for boys, in Abdin District, then, Tarbyia School for boys in Lazoughly District and Khedwyia Scondary School for boys in Al-Sayda Zeinab District. Finally, it is currently situated at 125, Tomanbye St., Al- Zeiton district.

The building’s cost reached L.E 335.000 (about third of a L.E. million). Current costs are about the tenfold of this sum. The oldest branch for the Institute is in Assuit governorate. The students of Alexandria for the educational year 2006/2007 were included among the students of the other governorates who studied at the headquarters. The purpose of joining the students of Alexandria governorate is to relieve the burden for the students of Upper and Lower Egypt to join the headquarters in Cairo. In addition, the graduates of Assuit branch are recruited in Upper Egypt governorates. The number of graduates in Assuit branch is enough to meet the needs of Upper Egypt governorates. This is widely approved by the graduates that they don’t have to stay away from their homes. The first class graduated in 1962, and there is no intention to open any new branches for the Institute of Collectors and Tellers.

The graduates are not employed only at RETA, but also at all the ministries, authorities, companies, agencies and banks.

* No other students have been accepted, after the educational year 2006/2007 up till now.
* As per the approval of Minister of Finance dating back to 3/2/2008, no students to be admitted for 5 years as from the educational year 2007/2008, coping with the cabinet decision and substituting it temporarily with training numbers of the staff working at the RE directorates in the governorates at the headquarters in Cairo to meet the need to tellers as transitional stage.