Starting automation, digital transformation project to automate personnel files at RTA

Starting automation, digital transformation project to automate personnel files at RTA
  • 2024-03-03

In continuation of the fruitful cooperation between the various sectors and departments of RTA to implement the work of automation and digital transformation in accordance with the directives of Mr. Anwar Fawzi; First Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance and Head of RTA.

Within the framework of the state’s approach to digital transformation and the automation of various government services and businesses within Egypt’s Vision 2030 and the implementation of governance and achieving full transparency, the Real Estate Taxation Authority (RTA) has initiated the mechanization and digital transformation project to automate the files of employees at RTA and the affiliated directorates.

In accordance with the mandates of Mr. Mohie Gahlan, Head of the General Secretariat Sector, and Mr. Ayman Mounir, Head of the Central Department of Computer and Information Systems, to implement this project in all real estate tax directorates, the Giza Real Estate Tax Directorate has completed the automation of the files of its employees, where each employee has his own electronic file containing all the documents of his paper file and allows access to any document or copy immediately and its circulation among the concerned authorities easily.

Today, a copy of the data was received, which was automated and implemented by Eng. Ayman Mohamed Abdel Rahman; general director of the Greater Cairo Sector Information Center, founder and developer of the program, and the work teams of the Central Administration for Computers and Information Systems: Eng. Ahmed Salah; an executive engineer and in the presence of the Head of the Region and Mr. Tariq Al Gammal; project supervisor, Mr. Ahmed Ali; project coordinator and  Eng. Osama Abdul Azim; project executive engineer.

Mr. Muhammad Yahya, The head of the Giza Real Estate Tax Directorate, , was handed over a certificate of appreciation on behalf of Mr. Ayman Mounir, Undersecretary of the Ministry and Head of the Central Administration for Computers and Information Systems, as an appreciation and on behalf of the center’s work group.

We are pleased to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to His Excellency for his cooperation and continuous support for all projects. Our thanks go to the Director of the Information Center, Ms. Nisreen, and all colleagues at the Center participating in the project for their praiseworthy efforts and full and fruitful cooperation to implement this important project. Preparations are currently underway to complete a package of digital transformation programs and implement them in all Real estate tax directorates.