June 30.. Deadline for first installment of real estate tax without penalty

June 30.. Deadline for first installment of real estate tax without penalty
  • 2023-06-21

Mr. Anwar Fawzy, head of RTA, confirmed that the current June 30 is the last date for paying the first installment due of annual real estate tax for owners of residential and commercial units in the RTA offices to which the units are affiliated "without counting delay fines". The second installment is payable from July to next December in the relevant RTA offices, Or at RTA branch office in the Treasury and Mint building. Mr. Anwar explained that taxpayers are entitled to apply for a tax exemption if their units are demolished or vandalized.

Mr. Anwar Fawzy added that among the advantages afforded by the law to the taxpayers is that the housing units that are used as the main private housing for the family and whose market value is less than 2 million pounds are tax-exempt.

The owner of this unit must apply for this exemption accompanied by photocopies of: “Ownership, usufruct or exploitation contract, utility receipt, and national ID card.”
The State Treasury bears the property tax for those unable to pay for social conditions, according to the procedures and controls specified.

Mr. Anwar Fawzy pointed out that taxpayers have the right to appeal to the competent tax office against the rental value estimates taken as a basis for calculating the tax on built properties, which were estimated through the survey and assessment committees, if the taxpayer is not satisfied with their estimate.
He also explained that the poultry sector has been included among the industrial and productive sectors for which the State Treasury pays property tax for three years from January 2022 until the end of December 2024, pointing out the state's keenness to stimulate investment, localize the industry, maintain the rotation of the local production wheel, provide more job opportunities, expand the export base, and increase the competitiveness of Egyptian products in global markets.