Homat Al-Watan‘s agriculture committee commend exempting farmers from real-estate tax

Homat Al-Watan‘s agriculture committee commend exempting farmers from real-estate tax
  • 2024-01-23

Eng. Mohamed Al-Gamal, Head of the agriculture committee in Homat al-Watan (Homeland Defenders) Political party, commended the Cabinet’s approval to add the activity of animal production farms, whether breeding or fattening, to the Cabinet’s decision no. 61 for the year 2022 concerning the Ministry of Finance to bear the buildings tax upon which farms and the buildings annexed are exempted from real-estate tax and the tax is defrayed by the Ministry of Finance.

Eng. Mohamed Al-Gamal clarified that the decision supports the animal production activity and relieves the burden thrown on this sector especially under the current economic conditions, which is praiseworthy effort by the government.

He added that the livestock financing is more than L.E 10 billion in 2023, a number which needs to be multiplied in 2024 to increase the livestock production and fulfilling the needs of the Egyptian market. It is also important to provide breeds of cows and buffalo with high production of milk and meat, and to educate breeders about the importance of buying these breeds, especially small farmers in the Egyptian countryside.


Al-Gamal also asserted the necessity to re-conduct a field actual livestock census   to get highly accurate statistics upon which to count to amend strategies, plans and executive programs to fulfill the sustainable development of the livestock 

The head of the Agriculture Committee in Homat al-Watan political party called for greater attention to the veal project, hold a community dialogue about the mechanisms for its implementation through supervisory bodies, and develop a plan that organizes its work in a way that guarantees its success. He also said that livestock production’s fodder must be provided. He added that we should give priority to currency management to import the necessary fodder, serums and vaccines, in addition to presenting greater facilitation and incentives to farmers and breeders in the countryside.

Akhbar Alyoum newspaper