"Egyptian cinema…..one source of soft power”

"Egyptian cinema…..one source of soft power”
  • 2022-09-19

RTA is keen on opening communication channels with all Egyptian institutions. This is to spread awarenessabout  the real-estate tax and facilitate to the citizens fulfilling their obligationsand above all obtaining their rights.

Within this framework, Mr. Anwar Fawzy, Head of RTA  met with Dr. Ashraf Zaki, Head of the actingprofessions syndicate, to talk about finding new ways to cooperate  and facilitate to the Egyptian actors to know more details about the real-estate tax and tax services provision.

Agreement was reached on setting a weekly appointment for a competent team from RTA to be present at the syndicate to make things easy for them.

The meeting was attended by a number of the syndicate members and an RTA team.

We still continue contacting all institutions.